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Best Cake Shop in Chennai  - YarrowKart

A Hearty Welcome to our Lovely Readers @!

Gone are the days when savouring a cake meant waiting whole year round for your Birthday to arrive and your mother to make her special home baked cake. You can almost experience the nostalgic feelings of impatience surging back right now- as you recall peeping into the oven a hundred times through the day; waiting for the cake to be ready and the grandeur celebrations to start with your friends arriving home; one after the other in the evening.

It was the Most Awaited occasion through the year, Wasn’t it? 

After all – you were the celebrity star of the day! But that privilege came only once a year. And it didn’t matter that most of our moms’ culinary skills included baking only one basic sponge cream cake, year after year. But it didn’t matter to us as we didn’t know any better; unlike today’s blessed generations who are spoilt for choice of cakes today. Look at the Cakes Assortment at the Best Cake Shop in Chennai

We have some really gorgeous cakes across four different categories to offer our customers and that is precisely what has helped us carve out an outstanding niche for ourselves as the Best Cake Shop in Chennai

  • Premium Cakes – Some of the Bestseller cakes in Premium category include Royal Strawberry Cake; Intriguing Strawberry Cake; Zesty Pineapple Cake; Luscious Fruitcake; Double Heart Chocolate Cake!

  • Fondant Cakes – Our customers love our Birthday Bliss Fondant Cake; Aquarium Fondant Cake; Wedding Bows Fondant Cake; Distinct Rose Fondant Cake; Peppa Pig Fondant Cake.

  • Red Velvet Cakes-Our specialities here include Cocoa Red Velvet; Craving Red Velvet; Heartfelt Red Velvet and Velvety Vanilla.

  • Yarrowkart’s Chef Special Cakes – Our chefs have created some real novel flavours in this category and some of our complete knock-outs here are Chocolaterie Art; Bittersweet Sophistication; Mending Heart Chocolate, Appetizing Vanilla; Inviting Orchid; Perfect Little Pods; Culinary Carnival.

Getting back to our nostalgic childhood days - of course life seemed unfair back then because we had to undergo a long wait of 364 days before our friends and families circled around the table yet again and we got to savour in those creamy cake bites; with everyone singing in chorus our all - time favourite “Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday To You….May God Bless You Dear!”

You ended up humming the Birthday Song tune in your mind just now, Didn’t Ya?

Well that’s what Team Yarrowkart specializes in – Taking our readers and customers back to the place of their happy memories and help them create some new joyful memories with their loved ones; as we team up with them in their journey called life.

There were also other occasions where few of our friend’s would invite us over for their Birthday celebrations – and life would feel blessed again; as we stood circling their mother’s heavenly creamy creations lying out there on the table – waiting to be sliced and distributed. We waited patiently for that familiar disposable cake plate to land in our hands as we parallelly glanced at our friend’s plates; checking if they got a bigger slice than us.

Good thing is - the basic foundation of the virtues of patience and sharing got laid down on our own Birthdays and that on our friends’ birthdays as well! Wouldn’t you agree?

We have come a long way from enjoying cakes only on Birthdays then to making every other occasion special for our friends and loved ones with yum cakes now. It is no longer about just celebrating Birthdays.

Well, our Online Orders are a testimony to that!

On this note, Team Yarrowkart wishes to share with its lovely readers that our privileged customers make online orders from our wide assortment of fantabulous cakes for the most unexpected occasions. This is of course in addition to the usual Birthday/Valentines/Anniversary orders.

From purchasing aRed Velvet Wedding/Reception cakefor a ‘Just Married’ Happy Couple or surprising a ‘Soon to be Mommy’on her Baby Shower with aBlue Bow/Pink Land Fondant Caketo felicitating aColleague/Bosson their promotion with anAmazing Butterscotch Premium Cakeor Proposing their Heartthrobswith aLuxurious Strawberry Cake– Yarrowkart’s customers are going all out to make each moment a celebration for their near and dear ones.

Given our fast-paced lifestyles today – we are most of the times rushing through our lives. Earlier it used to be only the working couples who seemed all tangled trying to balance their working and personal schedules; you ask a Millennial today and they will make you feel relieved that you aren’t the ones living their frenzied lives. From school/college classes to coaching institutions, extra-curricular hobby pursuits to gym-work outs – the millennials have it all jam-packed up in their miniscule 24 hours a day.

Amidst so much that we all are trying to accomplish, it is practically impossible to make out time to bake a delicious cake for a friend or a family member and make them feel special. After all, life does become more beautiful when we sprinkle in fond memories every now and then; for our loved ones by surprising them with their favourite flavoured cakes. Imagine our parents not walking those extra miles to plan our elaborate Birthday parties with our mom’s hand-made cakes. We would have missed out on so many fond memories of our own!

Well, Thanks to the Best Cake Shop in Chennai The Team at Yarrowkart understands that and is always ready to participate and work with our incredible customers in making their lives and those of their loved ones; filled with heart-warming, precious memories. How do we do that? Well, it is a piece of cake for us. Jokes apart, Here’s how we spin around magical cakes -

  • We have a Track – Record of ‘On Time’ deliveries. You have a Midnight cake to be delivered to any location in Chennai? All you need to do is – choose from our widest range of cakes for your friend/family member/colleague and surprise them at sharp 12 AM with the best variant possible of their favourite flavour. Chocolate/Vanilla/Strawberry/Fruity/Red Velvet – you name it and Yarrowkart has it.

  • Our Cakes are delivered as ‘Fresh’ as they can possibly get. Yarrowkart’s Master Bakers work round the clock to bake fresh and yummy beauties for our customers. We understand that time is of essence and delivering our cakes fresh and spongy is of utmost importance to maintain their essence and delicacy.

  • Yarrowkart is your ‘Pocket Friendly’ Cake Delivery Partner. Yes that’s right, we are economical and cost-effective. And the best part is we deliver the best cakes in the city within your pocket’s budget.

  • Our Bakers churn out ‘Wowsome Cakes’. Our master bakers bake cakes with a scientific precision by adding the right flavours in right amounts to improvise and come up with really innovative cake recipes. These recipes are a real hit with our customers and this keeps bringing them back for more of Yarrowkart’s wondrous specialities.

  • Your Convenience’ is ‘Our Priority’. As you juggle through your many responsibilities in a day, let the Team Yarrowkart do all the work for you.With few simple clicks from your mobile or laptop, you end ordering a bundle of joy and lifelong memories for your special ones.

It is as simple as that!

And all of the above has been made possible because of our team’s passion, zeal and commitment to treat every single order as though it is our first order. We pour our hearts and souls into baking some of Chennai city’s finest cakes. And our customers’ overwhelming response to our orders inspires our entire team to push our buttons and deliver par excellence experiences order after order, time after time!  So what are you waiting for?

Click here to Surprise a loved one from our assortment of Bestseller cakes right now!!

While we are talking about the best possible ways to make our special ones’ days even more special; we would love to share with our readers here that the Yarrowkart team works relentlessly to keep adding to its gallery of exhilarating gifting options. These are perfect ensembles to compliment with delicious cakes. Any occasion feels incomplete without sharing an appropriate gift for your loved ones. We understand that and hence take special care to make available to our customers a wide array of exciting gifting products. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Condolences, Valentines, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Festivities – You name the occasion and we have it right here for you.

If you have experienced any special moments wherein Team Yarrowkart helped you create some heartfelt memories with your loved ones and you wish to share with the world – well, think No More!

Make a loved one’s day special right now, click here and order a fantabulous cake – Let Team Yarrowkart churn out a Magical Surprise for Someone Special out there for ya!!

Need a cake in Chennai? Order online, get it delivered!

Who does not love cake? No one might have answered 'NO' to that question. The cake is a kind of staple food that must be present for any kind of celebration. Some might even go to the extent of saying that any occasion is a bit bland without a delicious cake. Gone are the days of a simple sponge cake, indulge yourself and your loved ones in the over the top cakes that are theme and flavour based. A cake is more of a personal gift, in a way it is telling a person how much you know them. The flavour of the cake could be something they are familiar with or something that you are sure that they will like. Personalise this cake a bit more with the addition of a theme. Celebrate not just birthdays but also days like Girl Child Day, Valentine Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Children's Day, and many more. For some, they do not need a specific day to celebrate. Whatever the joy of celebration is accompany it with a flavourful-freshly baked cake made just as per your order. If you need a cake to be delivered anywhere in Chennai, consider it done.

Somewhere in a rush? Forgot your special day? Need a fresh cake in a matter of minutes? To celebrate anything, Yarrowkart it to find the best delicious cakes, flowers, and unique gifts to gift to your loved ones. The best part of trusting us to be a part of your celebrations is, we are economically friendly that delivers your precious moments at a moment’s notice without compromising on the quality of the cakes ordered.

Top 10 Shop in Chennai 

Looking for a cake that is special as well as budget friendly? Yarrowkart features its cake to make it more fruitful for you in every way possible. Find delicious cakes and get them delivered in and around Chennai in the best price possible. we are best top 10 cake shop in chennai, get the most admired cakes like Chocolate cake, Butterscotch Cake, Fruit Cake and many more at the best price possible that includes delivering at the doorstep at  the said time too. ​

Birthday Cakes in Chennai 

We expect each of our birthdays to be unique. Why not start that with the choice of cake. Yarrowkart offers you a dedicated category to choose a birthday cake from  age ranging to your little bundle of joy to the eldest person in your family. Just choose and Yarrowkart it and get the special feature of midnight delivery in Chennai. A theme cake like Chotta Beam Cake, Barbie Doll Cake, and Single Number Chocolate Cake are the best picks to choose for your little ones. Fruitcake, Coffee Cake, Chocolate Cake, Butterscotch Cake is just the popular choice suitable for any age.

Guide to place an order on Yarrowkart:

1. Log on to (Available for both guests and registered members).
2. Choose and pick from the categories available.
3. Click on the product to know more about the product and choose a quantity you require.
4. Before placing your order, please validate your area pin code to check for the product availability.
5. Click on 'Buy Now' to place the order or 'Add to Cart' to keep browsing.
6. Add a valid coupon code and click on 'Proceed to Checkout'​.
7. Choose the type of payment option and wait for your cake to be delivered in the quickest time. 
Enjoy and indulge yourself!

Headquarters of Yarrowkart: Chennai

Having our headquarters in Chennai, we have a special offer for our fellow Chennaites. Yarrowkart is the website that has the quickest cake delivery in Chennai and it is nicknamed to be the best cake shop in Chennai. Kick back, relax and just trust Yarrowkart for your cake, flowers and unique gifts need in Chennai.





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