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Cake Delivery in Chennai 

A Hearty Welcome to our Lovely Readers @ www.yarrowkart.com – Your online delivery partner at ‘Just the right moment to express!’.

We shall get to answer that question in a while from now, but before that let’s take a step-back and understand few basics about the principle of relationships and their inter-connectivity with life. It is believed that every person who crosses our paths in our lives is there for a reason. Few relationships we are graced with from our very birth – like our parents, grandparents, siblings, extended family members etc. While others join our journeys; every now and then, as we traverse through life – pursuing our dreams and ambitions.

You must have also observed that not everybody gets up, close and personal with us. There are only those select few souls who resonate with our wavelength. And these are the ones with whom we end up making deep, cherishable bonds for life.

Have you ever observed how small saplings sprout out of tiny seeds, withstanding the adversaries of nature grow into small plants and eventually mature into mighty trees? Similarly, our relationships with our near and dear ones also grow deep and stronger over time with just the right amount of physical, emotional and mental investments. These relations may go through all kinds of lows and highs but with our constant care & nurturing; blossom into our biggest strengths and treasures of life.

We at Yarrowkart appreciate the sentiments and splendour that flow through each and every relationship. And take special care to collaborate with our revered customers so that they are able to express their earnest feelings in the most exquisite and stylish way possible.

Our specialized team of bakers thoughtfully creates cakes recipes which are apt for every occasion and then they take special care to fine-tune and customize these cakes for each relationship. Whether it is Raksha- Bandhan; symbolizing the sanctity of a Brother - Sister relationship or it is Mother’s Day; signifying the potency of a Mother’s Love towards her children; we have slowly and gradually become the Go-To online brand for Cake Delivery in Chennai, for all sorts of occasions and that too anywhere/anytime. Yes, we even deliver our crafty creations at Midnight!

Before we give you a mouthful of our delicious cakes, let’s fill you in with a little trivia as to how cakes came around to becoming so popular.

Did you know that cakes have travelled the human history forever? The term “Cake” itself has a long antiquity; being from the Viking Origin, it originated from the Old word “Kaka”. Oh No – Not the Tamil word, it is a Greek word 

In their oldest forms, early cakes in England were nothing but simple modifications of breads. However, we owe it to one particular American company called P. Duff and Sons, which patented a Cake Bread, Mix; in order to deal with the economic situation arising out of the Great Depression during the late 1920’s. There was basically an excess of Molasses available in the United States and this company; filled in the need to provide easily made food to the economically depressed people in the American continent using up the sweet, surplus Molasses.

And here we are today with a 500 Billion US Dollar worth of cake industry; fashioning all time amazing cakes in diverse shapes and forms. The Yarrowkart team is glad to be a part of this whopping journey, contributing with its marvellous creations and delighting its customers in their gifting experiences.

We offer a wide assortment of delightful cakes; each of which has been appreciated by our repeat customers on innumerable occasions. Yarrowkart’s cake recipes are some of the finest in Chennai. Especially Yarrowkart’s Chef Special Cakes are an immense hit among our customers.

Let’s take you through some of our knock-out sensations in the aforementioned category and share their relevance for different occasions-

Mesmerizingly Chocolaty – As one dives into the luxury of chocolate flavours included in every step of this beauty’s creation; the soft sponge cake with complementary icing simply melts away in your mouth. It serves as the perfect gift to wish your chocolate loving buddies or siblings either on their Birthdays or simply congratulating them on a job well done!

Bittersweet Sophistication – A double bonanza; yet again for chocolate loving folks, as they savour the crunch of gems releasing the creamy chocolate inside; accompanied with the flavour of sweet textured chocolate cake outside. This crunchy delight is a sensation among kids for Birthday Parties; as shared by many of our privileged customers on many instances.

Have a naughty nephew’s or niece’s Birthday coming up? Surprise them by ordering this Bittersweet Sophistication in few simple steps!  Click here to place your order now!

Cherished Strawberry – A chef-d'oeuvre creation in itself, this delicately exquisite cake has all the features of a French beauty in it. Sleek and arty flavouring of strawberry in this cake has made it a special repeat order on several occasions related to Moms – Birthdays, Mothers’ Days, Anniversaries, etc. This cake derives its gorgeous looks from intricate strawberry frosting; which is further exhibited with beautifully piped icing and little pieces of dark chocolate.

Wish to make up with your Mom after an unpleasant conversation or wanna simply say I am Sorry? Call Team Yarrowkart at +91 9884411138 and let the most important woman in your life know how much you care for her!

Patisserie Masterpiece – This classic design is what our chefs call a true Masterpiece! A ripple effect designed Strawberry cake that is covered with pink strawberry flavoured glaze and decorated with pieces of tempered chocolate. The frozen chocolate pieces add the bitter sweet tanginess to the cake’s flavour; making it the ideal gift to share with those friends who add the bitter sweet flavour in your lives through their unpredictable idiosyncrasies.

Have a buddy who makes your heart grow fonder with those mischievous childhood memories? Make them feel on top of the world by sharing an ultra-sweet message through our Patisserie Masterpiece!

Cocoa and Pista – The fluorescent finished coloured cake hides a Chocolate mixed with Pista twist cake; which is neatly presented as a tied bow made with tempered chocolate. Our chefs are extremely creative when it comes to their special cakes presentations. The use of vibrant, edible colours in these cakes makes for a visual treat to the eyes. And of course they taste straight out of heaven; making Yarrowkart’s Chef Special Cakes as one of the hottest bestsellers for Cake Delivery in Chennai.

This cake has been a popular choice for Office Corporate parties and celebrations. Many of our customers also order this delightful cake variant for their house parties, for the combination of Cocoa and Pista makes it a unique choice for get-togethers!

Blazing Blueberries - Experience the combination of tartness from the Blueberry cake that is well paired with the sweetness of white and dark tempered chocolate with an addition of cherries. This melt in your mouth exquisite recipe has been one of our bestseller for Anniversaries and Wedding gifts. “Every bite is an experience by itself” – as one of our revered customers shared their feedback on Yarrowkart’s BlazingBlueberries.

We can go on and on but true to heart – in how much ever words we wish to express; penning the flavour of these chef special cakes; will not do justice to the potentially awesome tastes that these visual beauties are capable. Our heavenly creations can only be experienced and not explained.

Well these are some of our wonderful as well as popular Chef Special Cakes; there are plenty more lovely creations available in this category. We invite you to explore the entire menu and make the best possible choice as a gift for a loved one. Yarrowkart can make same day deliveries for you; leaving you with just one thing to take care of i.e. select the cake and place the order. Rest - it is our responsibility to deliver some of our handcrafted cakes to your near and dear ones and create a magical experience in their life; on your behalf.

Life is short and filled with many a ups and downs but thanks to the innumerable occasions that God has blessed us with, we can create moments filled with life long memories for all our loved ones out there!

Wait no more, Dear Friends! Reach out to your friends/siblings/parents/grandparents/uncles/aunts and those special ones in your lives; through Yarrowkart’s cake specialities and express your heartfelt emotions to them!

 Click here to Surprise a Loved One from our assortment of Red Velvet Cakes right now!!

 If you have any special moments from your lives that you would like to share with us, do write in to us at and let your joy and memories reach out to the world through our blogs at Yarrowkart.

 Make a loved one’s day special right now, click here and order a fantabulous gift – Let Team Yarrowkart churn out a Magical Surprise for Someone Special out there for ya!!

 How to select the best birthday cake?

‘Cakes’, a word that people of all age groups go bonkers on, Well, who doesn't love them! Not everybody is an expert in picking the best birthday cake. From choosing the right flavor for the right person to the topping, we have got everything covered for you. Whenever you think about how to select the best and delicious birthday cake, you have to recollect the points mentioned below. 

What are the best flavors of cakes?

Like we all know, there are hundreds of cake flavors like Vanilla, Chocolate, Butterscotch, Blueberry, Coffee and much more. Go with the flavor that is common and liked by all. Just because we do not want to experiment with the big day of your beloved by choosing a new flavor. 

The types of cake you should know:

Sponge, Bundt, Pastry, Cheesecake, Egged, Eggless and Vegan are some of the renowned cake types you should know before selecting the best for a birthday. It should again be thought based on the taste of your audience.

The shape:

Gone are those days when we sang happy birthday in front of a round or square-shaped cake. Bakers have gone crazy these days that they can bake cakes of any shape, be it a human or your favourite cartoon face. Cakes come in different shapes based on the theme of the birthday. You’ll just have to browse through and pick the perfect theme and then choose a cake that gels with the theme. 

The size:

It is better to know the exact guest list numbers before selecting a big fat birthday cake. Decide on the size and quantity before placing the order to avoid mishaps on a special day. With arranging for birthday parties, when you are done with the cake, you are safe and free. Everyone would obviously expect to taste the best cake at a party they appear for. So here you go! Select the best birthday cake to nail the party. Party hard!

How to select a perfect wedding cake?

While food is the best part of a wedding, cakes are never an exception. But how to choose the perfect delicious wedding cake? Here you go!

Are wedding cake tastings free?

Before you place an order for wedding cake, make sure you taste it. A few bakers in Chennai, allow free tasting of wedding cakes. You can also grab this chance to savor your taste buds with different cake varieties and meet the finest bakers in the city. Interact with the baker and understand their abilities. Ensure that you order the delicious variety of all with perfect toppings, frosting, packing and delivery. 

What is the average size of a wedding cake?

Wedding cakes come in various sizes. Look for the size that closely matches the headcount invited for the wedding party. You need to order a five-layer cake to serve 200 guests. So, plan the size well to not break the hearts of cake-lovers at the wedding. 

How to choose toppings and frostings?

Toppings and frostings make the most of a wedding cake. To top your cake, go for less expensive seasonal flowers and fruits. Tiers, molds and handmade sugar flowers would burn your pockets. To frost, people will choose between buttercream and fondant. While buttercream makes the cake more delicious, fondant adds to the surreal and smooth look. Nail the perfect wedding cake by frosting it with buttercream first and add a layer of fondant above. Be it any flavor, a cake can be dyed with any shade of your choice. Make sure, you choose an appealing shade. 

How early should I place an order?

It is always advisable to place an order for a wedding cake, one month in advance. It will give the baker enough time to do his best confection. 

Looking for the perfect wedding cake? 

What are the unique cake varieties for kids?

Planning kids birthday parties is a pleasure to parents. But, many take too much pressure with it. Ease your kids birthday party planning by starting with cakes. If the cake’s flavor, variety and size are set, you are almost ready!

What are the different types of cake flavors?

Kids go crazy with Chocolate, Vanilla, Mango Creme cakes. Apart from these signature flavors, there are also other cake varieties like Coffee with Mocha Frosting, Banana cakes, Chocolate Fudge cakes, Biscuit cakes, Chocolate cakes with Marshmallows, Carrot and Orange cakes. These types are some of the unique cake varieties preferred by moms for kids birthdays worldwide. But, Dear Mommies, before experimenting, make sure your kid and friends like the flavor you choose. You shouldn’t be disappointing kids on their special day. A delicious and visually appealing cake will throw a smile on their faces. 

Ah! How could we forget this? The theme! Your cake should also match with the theme of the birthday party. 

How to match a delicious birthday cake with the birthday theme?

If your baby girl is celebrating her birthday on a Disney Princess theme, she and her friends would love to have a delicious Strawberry, Mango or a Blueberry cake that gels with the theme. If your baby boy is cutting a cake around a Jungle Safari, pick a cake that has most animal faces along with green and brown shaded fondant. With a space themed party, you can also opt for a white forest cake iced with planet shapes, spaceships, asteroids and stars. Remember, the base can be anything, cake or pastry. The frosting or icing is available in different colors that would match your birthday theme. 

What can be the size of an average birthday cake?

The size of a birthday cake depends on the number of guests invited. A 1kg cake should suffice 25 people. You can choose a 2kg cake if you are expecting around 50 guests.  Always ensure that the headcount is proportionate to the size of the birthday cake. We all know that joy is doubled when shared. With sharing, food is the first thing we are supposed to teach our kids. Let this greatness begin at birthday parties. You share cakes while we care for you! Check out with us for delicious birthday cake varieties. 

What are the best cake varieties for girls?

Not too old for birthday parties and cakes. Perhaps,teen girls find their own fun in celebrating birthdays. So, here we go to explore the best cake varieties for girls! Why should boys have all the fun!?

What are the best cake varieties for girls?

Well, teenage is a period where girls start to differentiate their likes and dislikes. Some become very choosy, shy and turn introverts. A few remain cheerful and love to move around and have fun. It is anyway going to be easy for someone who is hosting the party with choosing the cake variety. There is a common list of cake varieties preferred by girls. Red Velvet tops the list as it aces the trend. Then, black and white forest takes the next place. Some girls like Truffles. Cheesecakes are also preferred by girls. To make it more girl-centric, fondant, icing and decorations should also speak. 

What can top delicious cake varieties for girls?

The toppings should always get along with the theme. When someone says teen, shopping, make-up, geeky, foodie and music hits our mind. You can also order a cake based on these ideas and then fix a theme. With shopping and make-up themes, you can always decorate the cake with shopping bags, make-up essential figures and shapes on a cake of your preference. Geeks go with books, foodies and music lovers can have their things to draw on the top of the yummy, delicious variety of cake. Flowers and fruits made of sugars can be a topping option.But, you should always remember that teen girls are a bit beauty conscious. Ask their opinion with us rather than annoying them with a bad surprise. 

Which is the healthiest variety of cakes?

Beauty and health consciousness is quiet synonymous with teen girls. A healthy variety of cake is made of less cream and sugar. Cheesecake doesn’t even fit in here. Angel Food Cake, Flourless Chocolate Cake, Protein Mug Cake are some of the healthy varieties of cakes. The all purpose flour can be replaced with Wheat Flour to match taste to health quotient. Again, check with the girl’s choice without leaving a clue about the surprise.  So, beyond flavor and type, there is more to choosing the delicious cake variety for girls. Fret not, We will help you out in choosing the best one!

Which are the best cake varieties for bachelor parties?

Custom these days has no barriers. Bachelor’s party is one among them. How to choose the best cake variety for bachelors party? What are the interesting bachelor party cake variety? We are answering these questions for you below.

Did you know the history of bachelor parties?

Dating back to the 5th century BC, bachelor parties were celebrated by the Spartans in Greece as a last night of the groom as a single man. The celebration includes dinner and dessert on behalf of the groom-to-be. Dance bar and go-go dancers were the other elements of a bachelor party.

The custom prevailed in the United States as well in the name of Stag Nite for men and Hen Nite for women. However, they celebrate it in different ways in different parts of the world. In traditionally forward countries like India, a bachelor party is done with dinner, drinks and cake. 

How to choose the best cake variety for bachelors party?

Cutting the cake in the beginning or end of the party, never go for the ones that melt quickly. With this, choose your cake variety wisely. 

If you choose to have ice-cream cake, do the candle-blowing and cutting first. 

However, with bachelors party, any cake made of chocolate flavor is preferred by most men. 

The cake variety don’t vary much but there is something that has to be done with the frosting. With a best cake variety of bachelor parties, frosting or icing matters the most. Scroll to know why?

With a base cake, you can choose to have a football themed cake. The fondant and icing does the colors and decoration according to the theme you prefer. Some men would like to have cricket theme, playstation theme or anything on the grounds of games.

Jumping into the next category, there are also men who prefer a simple two-tier cake with some nice words on it - “The wait is over”, “Game Over”, “Hitched” and so on. 

Marvel Cupcakes, Superhero Cupcakes are other choices of bachelor party cake varieties. 

Heart and Beer bottle-shaped cakes are also being preferred for grooms-to-be. 






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