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Order Cake Online Chennai - Yarrowkart

In this busy world, emotions are expressed mostly through gifts and food. The thought of baking a cake by you is wonderful, but if we say, "It is the thought that counts!" Why not expand your creativity of expressing your love in searching for the perfect cake and let the master bakers deliver a perfect cake that you are looking for. A click of a button could get you the choice of your cake to present it to your loved ones. There are certain theme based cakes for a special occasion like Mother's Day or Valentine’s Day that you could only find online. Browse through the pages and select the one you like the most and place an order to get it delivered to your location all without lifting a finger. Knowing and acknowledging the concerns of online shopping, Yarrowkart assures its client that they will receive a freshly baked cake strictly made on the order of our client and make sure that it has a very close resemblance to the picture shown on the website. If we take the example of a plum cake, a good plum cake needs to age for a bit of time before consumption. As our master bakers insist we make sure that the elements of the cake are well prepared for baking. Such is our commitment towards maintaining the quality of the products we send to our clients. Each product of ours is carefully examined and checked thoroughly before dispatching them.  More than the conventional way of shopping, online shopping is way more efficient and cost-effective if we find the right place and Yarrowkart is one such place for out of the oven cakes, garden fresh flowers and personalised gifts. 

Online Cake Order in Chennai

Birthdays are the most common special occasion we expect and find a cake in. Yarrowkart specialises in making themes so that it is easy to select one of a kind birthday cake for your loved ones. The birthday cakes for your little bundle of joy could be a number cake spelling the age of the child or cakes shaped into Barbie and Chotta Bheem made out of icing are a popular choice as well. As a cake to choose for Valentine’s Day, Yarrowkart has a dedicated category. We have cakes shaped like hearts that are covered in chocolate, the two most popular things besides flowers for Valentine’s Day.

Mother's Day and Father's Day

Glorifying the parenthood on globally recognised days like Mother's Day and Father's Day and complete your gift with a touch of flowers and personalised gift from Yarrowkart. It would mean the world to receive such a gift on days like these. Our range of flavours and combinations Flavour is the dearest thing to our heart. Some of our flavours are,

Our best selling cakes for the first timers to start with are  Royal Strawberry Cake, Fabulous Vanilla Cake, Intriguing Strawberry Cake, Cherishing Chocolate Cake, Zesty Pineapple Cake, and Luscious Fruitcake Apart from these, we have a wide range of red velvet cakes like Cocoa Red Velvet cake, Craving Red Velvet and Velvety Vanilla cake. Our fondant cake range is like a sweet dream come true, Greenland Fondant Cake, Sunny Day Fondant Cake, Birthday Bliss Fondant Cake, Pink Land Fondant Cake are just some of the picks to try first. Along with these, we are proud to let you know that we have Yarrowkart special cakes that are highly recommended by our master baker like Chocolate Wonderland, Dark Chocolate Charm, and Inviting Orchid.

Birthday Cake Midnight Delivery Chennai

Has it been a wish of your loved one to cut a cake at the stroke of midnight? How much of a hassle you would go through to get the cake way before time, make sure that your loved one is not suspicious about what you are hiding, all of this making your surprise element not so surprising anymore.
This is where we come in! Order a cake online and as per your request, we will deliver your cake, especially the birthday cakes right in the middle of the night, but sharp at 12' o' clock so that your surprise to your loved ones is a surprise. You throw a party for the birthday girl/boy, count on us to bring the cake you ordered and are there at exactly 12 a.m delivering the cake without you stressing over not finding the perfect cake.  Take your hassle of going through that stress and order cake online chennai to get your cake delivered to you at the stroke of midnight without any delay. This could also be the perfect plan for anniversaries too.

Online Cake Order in Chennai at Yarowkart

The one thing that hinders ordering a product online is the question "Is it cost effective?" We, generally, do not buy a cake a day before the celebrating day. We would like it as fresh as possible, so we might not find the perfect place that will sell the kind of cake you are looking for. Or, sometimes it might be just too late to order and people might not accept your order based on the rush of the hour. Yarrowkart delivers you the best quality products to your doorstep when you just click on a product by seeing the picture of the product. We give you designer cakes, fondant cakes, and every other commonly found cakes and nowhere to be found cakes to make your celebrations the most memorable one. Our product range is so vast that to save the time of our clients, we designed our website to be user-friendly and easy to find the desired product. We even categorised our products into categories that help our clients to browse through for better unknown options to make their day even better. We believe and commit to being a part of your special day through our cakes and will be honoured to serve you with your cake, flowers and gift requirements. At any time order cake online chennai at your doorstep, think of us and we will deliver. All you have to do is to log on to and scroll to place your order.

 A Hearty Welcome to our Lovely Readers @!

 If you are A Youngster  oops, our bad - If you are A Millennial…then this read is definitely for you.

 We get it – Youngster is such an old-fashioned word. So for all you millennials born after the 2000’s – the ones who carry not only a billion dreams in their hearts, but also the courage and zest to head out and achieve them - Team Yarrowkart is here to share how an inspirational dream of putting together an online gifting ensemble started for a youngster, a few years back. Those dreamy conversations; among a few friends to start a venture look like an eternity ago today, but in retrospect are part of only a 19 years ago tale.

Do read on to know how few shy and coy youngsters (well it was ok to call them youngsters back then) themed a gifting dream.

Ok – First let’s meet our lead protagonists – Vinay, he hails from Jamshedpur and was studying Commerce from Anna University; Akhil, he hails from Bengaluru and was studying BCA from Madurai Kamaraj University and Raghav – we are sure you have by now guessed which part of the country he hails from Of course from Namma Chennai!

So Akhil and Vinay as young, bubbly teenagers; looking for accommodation in the city; ended up together at a boarding lodge at Kodambakkam. Well that’s what hostels used to be known as in those days. 

Enthusiastic food lovers – both boys took to the city’s culinary South Indian flavours pretty well.

They made lots of friends at their respective colleges and would spend time with them even after college hours. Basically, they liked the distraction of being around friends; so as not to miss their families so much. Slowly, their friends started coming over to their lodge – sometimes to study and sometimes just to hang out with Akhil and Vinay. The duo became pretty popular real soon and their circle of friends started getting intermingled amongst each other.

Let’s get to know our friend Raghav now! Well, being a good Chennai boy – he would typically spend his time either studying in classes or at home. His parents dreamt of the Big Indian dream of Raghav getting into a good Engineering College and joining one of the top-notch IT companies in the country. The coaching classes that Raghav used to study at after college; had a beautiful girl called Soma and our friend had set his heart on her. Day after day he wished and aspired to let Soma know about his feelings – but he failed!

Getting back to Akhil & Vinay – being the lovable friends they were; they started getting several invitations from lots of their friends to spend time with them and their families especially during short festival holidays. This gave the duo a perfect way to enjoy local festivities at Chennai because short festival holidays were not enough for them to travel to their hometown and comeback in time to resume college studies.

Their friend’s circle became pretty big and they would celebrate all birthdays together by buying cakes from small time bakeries across the city. In order to share their gratitude with their friends’ families for all their hospitality – Akhil and Vinay decided to buy economical gifts for them.

However coming from little more advanced cities in those days – the problem they faced was that there weren’t many shops around their lodge or their respective colleges where they could purchase gifts within their budget. After a lot of soul-searching through the length and breadth of Namma Chennai city, they came across a shop in Parry’s which had two sections –one was a bakery which had 3 different flavours of Birthday Cakes and another section for buying economical gifts for friends and family.

Voila! Akhil and Vinay had hit a jackpot and would travel by MTC buses to Parry’s every time a celebration was around the corner. After all, their friends had done so much for them. One Diwali in the last year of their college years brought them to Raghav’s house as his elder brother studied with Vinay in his class. Raghav had joined Electronics stream in an Engineering college by now and was in his second year of graduation. Being the lovable, friendly boys that they were – Akhil & Vinay soon made friends with Raghav and during the Diwali celebration holidays came to know about his unexpressed love for his crush Soma from Class 12th.

Well if you are wondering where was Soma at that time – she had joined Accountancy stream at a college in Anna University. While Raghav and she no longer met every day for coaching classes – they would bump into each other often at the local market near Raghav’s residence as they lived in the same colony. Every time Raghav met her, he decided to express his feelings; but he hadn’t been able to muster courage so far.

Our dear Akhil & Vinay came to his rescue and decided to take matters in their own hands. This Diwali was going to be different for Raghav and they convinced him to call Soma’s landline and invite her for a firecrackers bursting session of friends at a community park near their residence. Meanwhile, they took Raghav with them to their favourite gifting shopping in Parry’s and ordered a small cake, took some chocolates and a pair of earrings for his ladylove.

Travelling to and fro to Parry’s every time they needed gifts and cakes was getting too much of a hassle for Akhil and Vinay and on their way back that Diwali afternoon, they chatted in their MTC ride- how it would be great if there were more such shops all through Chennai where people could order Birthday cakes and buy economical gifts for occasions. Our Engineer friend Raghav on overhearing the conversation shared a brilliant idea instantly – Imagine how cost effective it will be for people if they could order online.

Akhil and Vinay were bowled over by the online cakes and gifting concept and immediately agreed that whenever life permitted they would like to start this venture along with Raghav. So with that conversation – the seed of a dream got sown in that MTC bus –

To facilitate online cake order in Chennai and ensure gifting friends and family becomes a convenient and an economical affair for youngsters.

After completing their graduations, Akhil and Vinay shifted to Mumbai and Manipal to pursue their PG’s while Raghav went on to join an MNC IT firm. The trio continued making bonds and friendships through their love for ordering cakes for their friends and buying gifts as well. It was many years later that the MTC bus dream finally germinated with Raghav opening his very own gifting ensemble called Yarrowkart. Yes this has been the wondrous story behind how your very own favourite gifting online partner was born!

Our assortment of well thought through products boasts of gifting options perfect to make friendships stronger, family bonds warmer and those someone specials’ hearts grow fonder!

From prompt and on time online cake orders in Chennai and 100s of Birthday gift collections to thoughtfully crafted designer cakes suitable for every occasion and exhilarating anniversary gift options – we have everything to enrich your relationships with an electric zing and fervour!

Now that we are already a part of your lives, we aspire to make every occasion special for all our lovely millennial friends out there!

  • A friend’s/Family Member’s Birthday – You can do an online cake order in Chennai!

  • Parents/Siblings/Friends Anniversaries – You can order scintillating gifts and allow the lovely couple cherish beautiful memories through your hand-picked gift from our collection!

  • Wish to express your feelings to a Special Someone out there – You can handpick beautiful flowers bouquet/s; perfect to make their hearts skip a bit!

  • Have an Eco-Friendly Friend or loved one – Gift them a plant set for them to enjoy the freshness of your relationship with them every time they see those plants in their homes/offices!

For all of you wondering as to what happened to Raghav & Soma; well destiny had other plans for them as Soma; after waiting for eons for Raghav – had already set her heart out to someone else in her college - leaving our friend Raghav ever more determined to provide all those millennials out there with the perfect online place through which they could express their feelings, well in time!

 For making a loved one’s day special right now, click on the link below and make an online cake order or hand pick a fantabulous gift for them– Let Team Yarrowkart churn out a Magical Surprise for Someone Special out there for ya!!

Online Cake Order in Chennai - Yarrowkart is the best cake shop in Chennai because of the following reasons

1. We always deliver on time
2. The products delivered as fresh as one could get
3. The major concern, we are cost effective
4. Our master bakers add 'wow' flavours to our cakes
5. It is the most user-friendly

Now let's see how we do this here

Guide to place an order on Yarrowkart 
1. Log on to (Available for both guests and registered members)
2. Choose and pick from the categories available
3. Click on the product to know more about the product and choose a quantity you require
4. Before placing your order, please validate your area pin code to check for the product availability
5. Click on 'Buy Now' to place the order or 'Add to Cart' to keep browsing.
6. Add a valid coupon code and click on 'Proceed to Checkout'
7. Choose the type of payment option and wait for your cake to be delivered in the quickest time. 
Enjoy and indulge yourself!

We look forward to be a part of your special memories!!!


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