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Flower Delivery Online Chennai - Yarrowkart

 Flowers can put a smile on anybody’s face. Special days of your loved ones can start with flowers, smile and happiness. You send a bunch of happiness in the form of flowers to your loved ones living anywhere in the city. But how do we do it? There are a lot of vendors who do flower delivery online in Chennai. Yarrowkart ensures fresh and on time delivery of flowers. Before sending flowers, one has to know how to pick them for the right occasion and right person. So, here you go!

What are the different types of Flowers available Online for gifting? 

Exotic Flowers:

 Flowers that add a special touch to homes, gardens, bouquets are called exotic flowers. Flowers like Lilies and Orchids fall under this category. Gifting someone a lily or orchid today? Order with us here.  An exotic bunch of flowers may also be a combination of roses and lilies or any other flowers. Browse through the category well before placing an order.  Let the flowers make your loved ones’ day beautiful. 


 A rose is a rose. Be it any occasion, a bunch of roses stand out in a garden of shining and adorable flowers. From birthdays, anniversaries to greeting people on any special events, roses are the most preferred variety of flowers. However, different colors of roses go with different relationships. But how does it matter? You cannot send red or pink roses for your boss. They are meant only for personal greetings and wishes. Any form of formal greetings can have a bunch of yellow roses. So, look for the relationship or type of greeting before you could order flowers online for someone. Roses are also available at different carnations online. The same old school bunch of roses should no more be interesting. Towered roses, mixed-colored roses, heart-shaped, roses in a basket are some of the forms you can deliver flowers through online portals in Chennai. 


 Heard of Gerbera before? Yes, you guessed us right. Gerberas are types of daisy of African and South American origin predominantly. There are also a few Gerbera varieties grown in some parts of Asia. These flowers look presentable with long and thick peduncles available in various colors.  Gerbera bouquets look fresher longer than other flowers. They are a better option to greet people when compared to other types of flowers available online for delivery.  While there are so many flowers available in different colors, there will always arise a confusion about what color of flower should you send and to whom?

What is the ideal color of flowers to gift someone? 

 When you wish to deliver flowers to someone, red roses will be something that’s popping out your minds. Is it ideal to give red roses to everyone? Not really. Every color and type of flower has its own significance. Nobody brings roses for a condolence but people also prefer white flowers on occasions. Confusing right? Let’s break it down for you!

  • You can give red, white and pink roses to a girl of your interest.
  • One can share friendship and joy with white and yellow flowers.
  • A formal greeting with flowers can have any type of flowers but not red, white, yellow or pink roses. It can be a combination of flowers in a bunch. 
  • A flower ring for condolences should always be made with white flowers and dried leaves.
  • Share a wellness message to someone who is sick with a bunch of Daisies. 

 Flower delivery online in Chennai and surprises sometimes, flowers and surprises are synonymous. Sending surprises in the midnight to your loved ones is a tough task. We at Yarrowkart.com help you deliver midnight surprises on birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions. We are also specialized in online flower delivery in the midnight in Chennai.  Aren’t these timely and quality services expensive?’, should be your next question. Deliver fresh and beautiful flowers from all over the world to anywhere in Chennai at a pocket-friendly cost. At Yarrowkart, we have flowers priced at all ranges. Taking you through the price range and the list of flowers: 

Flowers Under 500 INR:

 Is it a month end and you are going out of budget to surprise your loved ones? Don’t worry while you have us in delivering fresh flowers even below 500 bucks. Check out our collection of flowers under 500 here!

Flowers from 500 to 5000 INR:

 It’s a celebration and so some of you should have lavish planning. Tell us your budget and we have flowers ranging from 500 to 5000 rupees. 

No matter the occasion, fresh flowers add a subtle sense of aroma and overload an occasion with cuteness. Flowers are an important part of decoration in any culture across the globe. They played a major role, so much so that, even a single flower is considered as a gift and the rare the flower the priceless it is considered. As one of the nature’s incredible gift to mankind flowers till today play a very important role in any given occasion that we celebrate today.

In the same way, women consider flowers as jewels. Wish the women in your life on special occasions such as International Women's Day, National Girl Child Day, Mother's Day,Daughter's Day, Siblings Day, and so on. So, welcome Chennaites! We, Yarrowkart present Chennai with various options and suggestion on your floral requirements. We provide you with not only flowers but also garden plants to make your celebration extra special. You need fresh flowers but are not able to find them outside? Trust us to deliver your favourite flowers to your doorstep that are fresh cut from our very garden.

These days there is no need to go out for anything. All you have to do is browse online and click on a website and get things delivered to your location. Here at Yarrowkart, we present you our online database to search and choose from wide varieties, as we believe in not limiting options for our customers. Click on your choice and fill in the details of the location online to get flowers delivered anywhere in Chennai in the shortest time at an unbelievable price.

Even giving flowers have a meaning associated with it. Something like giving red rose flowers stands for love and affection, yellow rose flowers stand for friendship and loyalty. If you want to surprise your loved ones with not just flowers, but with the meanings hidden in the colour and the type of flower, Are you looking for flower delivery online Chennai? Yarrowkart's virtual assistant provides you with distinctive information and helps you choose the perfect flowers so that you can get them delivered anywhere in Chennai even with a short notice.

If you are unsure of which kind of flowers to gift and give, well here at Yarrowkart we have special categories for different common occasions we could think so of so that you would get a gist of what is appropriate and appreciable for certain occasions. Shop with us and we give the best deals in Chennai that are never experienced until now for an online flower delivery service.

Gone are the days of searching for fresh flowers all over the town. Browse, choose, click and get them delivered to your desired location anywhere in Chennai, and yes it is as easy as this sounds!

Are you looking for best flower delivery online Chennai? Yarrowkart, are best flower delivery online in chennai, our list of choices offer you flowers like roses, gerberas, sunflowers, carnations, lilies and many more.

 Guide to place an order on Yarrowkart

1. Log on to https://yarrowkart.com (Available for both guests and registered members)

2. Choose and pick from the categories available

3. Click on the product to know more about the product and choose a quantity you require

4. Before placing your order, please validate your area pin code to check for the product availability

5. Click on 'Buy Now' to place the order or 'Add to Cart' to keep browsing.

6. Add a valid coupon code and click on 'Proceed to Checkout'


Make the best of our deals and start shopping now.

Happy shopping!




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