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Birthday Cake Midnight Delivery Chennai - Yarrowkart

 Has it been a wish of your loved one to cut a cake at the stroke of midnight? How much of a hassle you would go through to get the cake way before time, make sure that your loved one is not suspicious about what you are hiding, all of this making your surprise element not so surprising anymore. This is where we come in! Order a cake online and as per your request, we will deliver your cake, especially the birthday cakes right in the middle of the night, but sharp at 12' o' clock so that your surprise to your loved ones is a surprise. You throw a party for the birthday girl/boy, count on us to bring the cake you ordered and are there at exactly 12 a.m delivering the cake without you stressing over not finding the perfect cake. Take your hassle of going through that stress and order a cake online to get your cake delivered to you at the stroke of midnight without any delay. This could also be the perfect plan for anniversaries too.

 Occasions like birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated once a year, but each year we try to top the celebration we planned last year. Wishing our near and dear ones at the stroke of midnight is one such extremely touching moment filled with joy and happiness. Yarrowkart offers, birthday cake midnight delivery chennai. Make your special occasion into a party with just the addition of a delightful cake that makes your occasion linger in the memory of your guest for a long time. To facilitate the impromptu plan of surprising your near and dear one on the occasion of their birthday, Yarrowkart delivers your chosen cake anywhere in Chennai at the stroke of midnight. Think about us the next time you need a cake exactly to be delivered moment before the change of date.

 Forgot someone's birthday and you need a cake at the moment's notice? We are here to not only deliver a cake on time to save you, but also impress others with your choice of cake. We can simply say that our cakes range from the simplest to work of art. Get this one of kind cakes anywhere in chennai by just logging on to our website and order online. Did not find the cake you were looking for? Just browse our website and get your desired cake or something unique, but extraordinary to celebrate your special one's birthday. Best of all option, surprise your loved ones at midnight as we provide you with an option of getting them delivered at midnight anywhere in Chennai.

 How to select the best birthday cake?

 ‘Cakes’, a word that people of all age groups go bonkers on, Well, who doesn't love them! Not everybody is an expert in picking the best birthday cake. From choosing the right flavor for the right person to the topping, we have got everything covered for you. Whenever you think about how to select the best and delicious birthday cake, you have to recollect the points mentioned below. 

 What are the best flavors of cakes?

 Like we all know, there are hundreds of cake flavors like Vanilla, Chocolate, Butterscotch, Blueberry, Coffee and much more. Go with the flavor that is common and liked by all. Just because, we do not want to experiment with the big day of your beloved by choosing a new flavor. 

 The types of cake you should know:

 Sponge, Bundt, Pastry, Cheesecake, Egged, Eggless and Vegan are some of the renowned cake types you should know before selecting the best for a birthday. It should again be thought based on the taste of your audience.

 The shape:

 Gone are those days when we sang happy birthday in front of a round or square-shaped cake. Bakers have gone crazy these days that they can bake cakes of any shape be it a human or your favourite cartoon face. Cakes come in different shapes based on the theme of the birthday. You’ll just have to browse through and pick the perfect theme and then choose a cake that gels with the theme. 

 The size:

 It is better to know the exact guest list numbers before selecting a big fat birthday cake. Decide on the size and quantity before placing the order to avoid mishaps on a special day.  With arranging for birthday parties, when you are done with the cake, you are safe and free. Everyone would obviously expect to taste the best cake at a party they appear for. So here you go! Select the best birthday cake to nail the party. Party hard! A Hearty Welcome to our Lovely Readers @ www.yarrowkart.comThink Birthdays and the first thought to cross your minds is a yum plush cake. Fancily decorated, mouth - watering fruity flavours - you think of a variety and Lo & Behold! Cakes in all forms and shapes are available just at your fingertips.

Isn’t that so?

You are already imagining your favourite cake melt & vanish somewhere in the corners of your mouth, Caught Ya!!

Well you needn’t feel guilty. After all, we are super lucky to be born in some really fancy times – of course cakes-wise!

Wondering what we are talking about?

Well, imagine your grandmother ordering or rather still baking a midnight birthday cake to surprise your grandfather

Sounds weird, isn’t it?

It is also practically impossible for the following two reasons-

  1. The whole household would know of your grandparent’s romance; which if you would recall they were super successful in keeping under the wraps!

  2. We didn’t really have home baking ovens available or suave cakes delivery partners like in that era of existence!

Call it a strike of destiny or some super good karma, we are blessed with options and innumerable opportunities; to enjoy some yummylicious cakes; anytime that we desire and that too along with our loved ones and friends!

Few recent anecdotes by our consistent customers helped the entire team of Yarrowkart to understand the kind of memories that we have been unknowingly creating for our revered audiences in their lives.

Team YK is happy to share two such incidences with our lovely audience here, They will surely mesmerize you. Please do Read On - you wouldn’t regret it and we assure it 

The first one is about a group of young, hip and trendy stand-up comedians in the city - who have been doing some phenomenal work; keeping their audiences in splits through their gigs. All of them in their mid- to late twenties, few are fresh out of college – mass communication/Engineering graduates, while the others have been around the working scene for a few years.

If you happen to have a stand-up comedian in your friends circle, you would already be aware that they work cray nights, are always witty & of course are super whacky & fun to hang out with. So having performed in most of the big events that happened on the stand-up comedy circuit in Chennai, our group of young and ambitious comedians got a lucky break-through. They were shortlisted for an audition to be a part of a National Stand up Comedians team; and if selected – they would be touring to perform at big events in major Metropolitan cities across the country.

If selected this was going to be a big break for each one of them to fly high in their stand up careers, for a really long time to come. As anticipated, our team of comic professionals was all set to work hard and accomplish this daunting task. Well, after all they were competing against some of the finest talent in the stand -up scene in the country!

From content creation to brainstorming sessions - on what would appeal the judges and what wouldn’t, to burning the midnight oil – they had everything gearing them up towards their big night! As shared with the customer service team at YK, the pressure on each one of them was humongous, but apparently they kept each other pepped up & motivated. Each time a team member’s birthday came, they ordered the most cherished flavour of their Birthday Bum from We are being a little cheeky at this moment; as we boast about our assortment of birthday cake midnight delivery chennai. But then we are counted among the best, so a little cheekiness is allowed, what say?

Getting back to our revered customers’ story! The Big Day arrived and seeing the entire team of youngsters acting like a bundle of nerves, their Manager decided to cool off some steam by surprising them with a Special Occasion Cake from YK. In order to pep up the team’s morale, the Manager called in specifically to put the following quote on the huge cake-

 Whatever be tonight’s outcome, remember it is your preparation for the big nights yet to come!”

As shared by the team members in a one on one with our customer service representative later– this message not only helped them see the bigger picture, it eased them into performing; as if it were just another gig for yet another audience in Chennai.! We are sure you are wondering whether our stand up team won, well of-course they did! They bagged the second winning team’s title and are now off on their tour; while we share their big moment story with all you lovely readers out there!

So what kept them coming back and ordering with yarrowkart over and again?

In their own words, the fact that they were working late nights and needed to make each member’s birthday rather night special – they found ordering designer cakes with convenient, affordable in their budgets and delivered just a few minutes before midnight; at the remotest of places in Chennai.

Well, honestly we at yarrowkart celebrated with our team when this hearty narrative reached our office! It was a moment of sheer joy and camaraderie for us all!

Ok, Moving onto our second customer’s narrative – Hold on! This one may sound coming straight from a Bollywood/Tollywood movie; but then such die hard romantics do exist - not just in reel but also in real lives!

Our friend happened to come across his beautiful teenage crush in a cine multiplex in Chennai; while she was out with her group of friends of course for a movie  while he was baby - sitting his nephew at a Children’s movie. As shared with YK later by our customer – “She looked every bit the diva that she always was in school days; maybe even prettier and stylish; after having finished her graduation in the States!”

Our Engineer friend from Anna University; who in his own words has never travelled the north of Tamil Nadu had decided to give the corporate life a quit and has been consulting with few independent photographers; editing online videos for them. Having figured himself out to be not the most ideal groom material for his gal out there; our friend decided to express his feelings for his lady love through

So as their conversations grew, he started with the most economical yet funky low calorie designer cakes to woo his lady love!

From special days in her life like birthday or even a small milestone achieved at work to bad ones like a tiff with a co-worker or an argument with her bestie; our friend used every occasion to slowly and gradually sneak his way into his friend’s heart. From cakes to flowers, teddies to chocolates – he left no stone unturned to make sure she knows that he is the one for her and that she turns around one day to finally say the four magical words “I Do – Forever & Yours”! Well did she?

Not yet but we at yarrowkart are happy to share with our readers that they are merrily engaged and are all set to marry in a few months from now!

What worked for the Happy Couple To Be?

As shared later with the Team YK– “From thoughtfully crafted designer cakes to picturesque flowers - everything blossomed at the right time to create a fondness and love in the happy couples’ hearts; reminding them of moments that they had seen only in the movies.”

Doesn’t it make your hearts go mush? Well that’s what Team YK aspires to do – Handpicking exhilarating Anniversary Gift Collections, churning out delightfully delish cakes, assorting hundreds of thoughtful birthday gifting options and heart-warming combos – we have all that it takes to express your love and emotions to your loved ones in really special ways!!

We believe in delivering excellence every time, every occasion because we love to create experiences around gifting for our customers. After all occasions are special days and our specialized teams take care of every single detail to ensure that the delivery package that reaches your loved ones door-step; makes them feel on top of the world in every way possible. After all it is their day and they deserve every bit of happiness to experience all the love and warmth that our customers like to share through YK products. If you have experienced any such special moments or have a similar story that the Team YK helped you create and you wish to share with the world – well, think No More!

 Guide to place an order on Yarrowkart 

 1. Log on to (Available for both guests and registered members)

 2. Choose and pick from the categories available

 3. Click on the product to know more about the product and choose a quantity you require

 4. Before placing your order, please validate your area pin code to check for the product availability

 5. Click on 'Buy Now' to place the order or 'Add to Cart' to keep browsing.

 6. Add a valid coupon code and click on 'Proceed to Checkout'

 7. Choose the type of payment option and wait for your cake to be delivered in the quickest time.

 Enjoy and indulge yourself!






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